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ToucHb: Non-Invasive anaemia screening

ToucHb is a non-invasive anaemia screening tool. It's held like a camera but vertically and is positioned over the eye of the patient. The patient is asked to expose the conjunctiva and an image is captured. Image processing determines the redness or the pallor and an estimate of hemoglobin is displayed on the screen. The entire process takes about a minute. There is no blood taken, no consumables and the device finds it's usefulness in mass screening for prevalence of anaemia.

The device has two hardware components, a dedicated imaging module and a controlling and processing unit in the form of a smartphone

Healthcare workers screening the population for anaemia at a village in Rajasthan

End of assembly line, getting ready for QC

Sync: Integrated glucose monitoring

Sync is an integrated and intelligent glucose monitor. Integrated means that it is a pocket-able form factor that holds together all the elements of glucose testing in one compact footprint. Intelligent because it synchronizes on a real time basis with a smart phone. With the complimentary smart phone app one can log test entries as and tag them as postprandial, fasting or random entries. The app not only allows users to self monitor by broadcasting notifications and reminders. It also invites friends and family to motivate the user in better monitoring one's condition of diabetes. With the minimalist screen, an attempt has been made in encouraging the users in using the mobile interface for testing. At the same time the small screen still allows for stand alone operation just in case the mobile device is low on battery or not available.

Pebble: Connected glucose monitor

Pebble uses the same hardware as that of sync and is designed to be standalone. Other than the integration all the features are same as sync. Sync has a limitation to use a certain bottle size, and so pebble was introduced in parallel to provide users with an option. Pebble is easy to hold and one of the smaller sized monitor's in the market.

DonGL: Connected glucose monitor

DonGL was our first attempt at a glucose monitor. We wanted to make a screen free device that would connect with a smartphone and use it's screen as the interfacing medium. DonGL was projected to become a multi-blood analyte platform but was dropped down for technical reasons. However the design paved way for use of BLE instead of audio jack and we went on to developing pebble and sync.

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